Monday, 2 September 2013


So in July Emily turned three:

And then a few days ago, Laura turned five:

And on Wednesday, I shall be dropping Laura at school and then taking Emily into the adjoining pre-school, and then walking home by myself. (!)

Everyone keeps asking me what I'm going to do with myself, during those nine hours (three mornings) a week that both girls are off my hands. On Wednesday I'm afraid the boring answer is that I'm going to go to the supermarket. But anyone with small children knows that doing that all by myself is, in fact, a bit of a treat! And hopefully once all the shopping is put away I will have time for a cup of tea before walking a mile back up the road to retrieve daughter number two.

We've had a lovely summer - I'm definitely a summer person and for once the weather has obliged, with lots of sunny days to spend at the park or in the garden. Being at home every day with two little ones full-time is pretty tiring though and I'm ready for the holidays to be over. But this may just be because I've forgotten what it's like getting everyone out the door and down the road in time for school!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Diffusion Tee

It's very boring when people make excuses for not blogging, isn't it? So I won't.

I have something more interesting to talk about, anyway - I have another pattern in Knit Now magazine this month! And it's on the cover, which is super-exciting.

(c) Dan Walmsley for Knit Now 2013

It's called Diffusion, and it's a t-shirt worked with two strands of 4-ply yarn held together. The colours are changed one by one to give the ombre effect.

(c) Dan Walmsley for Knit Now 2013

Knit Now is out now and features lots of other lovely patterns and articles. There is also a supplement with many more patterns, and free stitch holders. Bargain!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Monday, 15 April 2013

Laura's Penguin Hat

Over a month. Oh dear. I had two magazine patterns to write, which I couldn't post about, and which took up a lot of time. Then I was ill. Then it was the Easter holidays. Still is, really, because it's an inset day and Laura won't be back at school until tomorrow.

I did manage to make at least one thing though! Laura wanted a penguin hat (long story) so we looked at patterns on Ravelry. Then I mostly improvised one for her. We went out to a local open farm the next day and Laura wore it all day.

Now Emily wants a toy penguin. I expect we can manage that.

Linking up with Handmade Monday, go and look at all the lovely blogs! So many beautiful things people have been making.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Red Nose Day

You might have heard that my sister was in a group that climbed Snowdon at the weekend for Comic Relief! Jen wrote all about it here. Their team has raised over £5600 so far and if you would like to sponsor them you can do so here.

I have also been doing my little bit (though not nearly as impressive as climbing a mountain!). Juliet Bernard asked on Twitter if anyone would be able to knit some Red Nose corsages. She sent me some yarn and I've done nearly 3 so far.

I know they don't look like much yet! But they will be lovely corsages that are being sold at Spitalfields Market in London on the 15th of March. I'm hoping to get a couple more done in time to send back to Juliet so I'd better keep knitting!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Knit Now 19: Weald Oak Cushions

Today Knit Now issue 19 is out, and this is very very exciting for me, because it includes one of my patterns! This is my first magazine publication and I am over the moon about it. I think I finally feel like a 'real' designer.

This issue of the magazine has a 'Best of British' theme which made me think about the countryside and woodland and finally led to a cable pattern inspired by the bark and branches of oak trees.

(Image credit Dan Walmsley, Knit Now Magazine 2013)

I love that photo, and the pattern turned out just how I wanted, and the whole experience of working with the magazine was wonderful. The other patterns from this issue are all up on Ravelry now - I think I might need to make the Union Jack socks, and the fair-isle vest top is calling to me too! So many excellent designs and all from British designers, using British yarns. I'm so happy to be part of it.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Planting our carrot seeds

As you may know, Laura at Cupcakes for Clara recently started a little experiment, to see whether carrots would grow from the carrot seeds in some paper she made. She asked if anyone else wanted to try, and I thought it sounded like fun for me and my Laura, so I asked her to send some of the paper over.

Laura was very excited!

She put the bits of paper in the pots and covered them with compost:

Then she gave them plenty of water:

And I put them on the kitchen window sill to get plenty of sunshine (you can tell this was earlier in the week, there's snow on the climbing frame!):

So thank you Laura (both Lauras!), let's see if we get any carrots! Laura (my Laura) says she might even eat them if we do.

(apologies for all the photos in this post, it was just starting to get dark when we had time to plant the seeds and my little camera didn't like it)